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Test Automation Developer

Experienced in software development and want to use all the tools at your disposal to test and analyze software applications to improve product experience? We’re looking for a skilled developer who’s eager to find application, performance, and system bugs by creating and maintaining automated test frameworks and scripting test scenarios.

As a Test Automation Developer at OCAS, you’ll play an important role in developing and supporting the technology that helps hundreds of thousands of individuals every year as they take the first step toward a brighter future through college. An integral member of our QA and Agile development teams, you’ll be instrumental in accelerating and improving the quality and delivery of OCAS products and services by researching, proposing, and piloting new ways to improve our product quality.

Focusing on the design, development, and implementation of test code, you’ll create, own, and maintain OCAS' back-end automated test suites to support continuous deployment for our products and environments. You’ll also work with onsite and remote development teams to ensure quality throughout the development process by reviewing coding practices, participating in code reviews, and reviewing requirements from a QA perspective. As a member of the OCAS team, you’ll work with remarkable individuals and colleagues who support each other in achieving high performance.

You share OCAS’ core QA values:

  • We can test anything put in front of us whether or not we have requirements for it: a prototype, a design, a flowchart, an idea, or even actual software
  • All software systems inherently have bugs and problems to be found
  • A passing test suite is very worrisome; it means we haven’t worked hard enough to find bugs yet
  • Automated test systems are only a piece of a successful test plan

In this role, you will:

  • Develop and maintain OCAS’ automated API, performance, load, unit, and UI test frameworks
  • Design tests within these frameworks
  • Create tools to support manual test activities, such as generating test data, setting up test scenarios, configuring and validating environment setup, and data set validation

You should have:

  • A resume no longer than two pages, which clearly describes the interesting and unique ways you’ve improved products, processes, quality, and / or customer experience in the past, while in a software testing or software development role. Communicate what you did and the amazing outcomes you achieved. Don’t provide only a long list of skills and technology frameworks that you’re experienced in.
  • A technical college or university credential in Computer Science, Information Technology or another related area
  • Development experience with C#, SQL, and Visual Studio
  • An interest in software testing, with demonstrated capability in either software development or automated test development
  • Experience using Azure DevOps / TFS, or another similar SDLC tool, to integrate testing within a CI / CD environment
  • Experience with MSTest V2, Fluent Assertions, NUnit, JUnit, or another similar test framework
  • RESTful API development or testing
  • The ability to take divergent concepts, thoughts, and findings, and converge them into a clear, complete, and concise written or oral message
  • A resume that includes the word “ubiquitous” somewhere (We only want people applying who are reading the job description in detail. Including this random word helps prove that you are.)
  • An ability to identify and implement technical process improvements throughout software development lifecycle

Desired experience with:

  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or another similar computing platform, to analyze system data, performance, trends, and alerts
  • Jmeter, or other performance testing scripting languages
  • Test scripting with Selenium WebDriver,, TestCafe, Appium, or other front-end frameworks
  • Any the following: Java, Python, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap, Angular
  • Various testing strategies and methodologies, especially Session-Based Exploratory Testing

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