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OCAS Portal Login Upgrade

Information for college and high school partners

Last updated: September 14, 2021

This fall, OCAS is upgrading the login platform for our partner-facing portals, bringing updated technology with improved security. As part of the upgrade, all partner accounts will be migrated.

We’re committed to ensuring the migration is a success and supporting our partners every step of the way. This page provides all the details you need to know about the migration and what you can expect. We’ll continue to add more information to this page as we approach the migration date.

What’s Changing?

The enhanced login platform will bring a new, more secure way to log in to the portals. To help you prepare, here’s a look at what will be changing:

  • Portal users will log in using their email address instead of their username
  • Users with access to multiple OCAS services can use the same email address (e.g., to access both our domestic and international services
  • New login screen with a refreshed look
  • The first time you log in, users will need to create a new password and set up security questions
  • Users will have all the same permissions as before the migration

When’s it Happening?

All partner user accounts will be migrated on October 16. After this date, you’ll need to use the email address associated with your OCAS account to log in, instead of your username.

Who’s Affected?

The change will affect all college and high school partner users with access to the following OCAS services:

  • Domestic Partner Portal (Apply Admin)
  • OCAS International Application Service (IAS) College Portal
  • Electronic Transcript Management Service (eTMS), including the Transcript Settlement Report

There will be no impact to accounts for the following OCAS services:

  • Applicant accounts for Domestic Apply and the OCAS IAS Applicant Portal – already migrated in July 2020
  • Agent accounts for the OCAS IAS Agent Portal – already migrated in June 2021
  • OCAS Insights (Power BI) accounts – already uses email address as the log in credential
  • Data Warehouse (Cognos) accounts – log in functionality will remain the same

What Does This Mean For You?

After October 16, partner users logging into an OCAS service will use their email address instead of their username. The login screen will also have a slightly different look.

The first time you log in, users will need to create a new password and set up security questions. Once complete, users will be able to access our services with their existing roles and permissions.

What’s the Benefit?

The migration brings added security to our portals as we upgrade to Identity Server 4 and demonstrates OCAS’ commitment to using modern, secure technology solutions.

Going forward, the new login platform will allow us to provide enhanced login experiences for applicants, agents, or partners, including federation with a college system, social logins, or multi-factor authentication.