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Our Logo

The OCAS Brand

The Story Behind Our Logo

The OCAS logo is based on six tiles, representing our distinct yet united team nature. The tiles join to make a hexagon, a shape associated with beehives, making it naturally representative of themes like cooperation and hard work. In numerology, the number six has also been known to represent communication, truth, balance, sincerity, reliability, and harmony – many of the characteristics that we exemplify in our corporate culture.

The single blue tile in the shape, unique from the others, represents possibility – looking ahead to the future and creating opportunities to think and act in new ways. The blue tile calls attention to itself, a natural byproduct of being different, but its difference is not intimidating or threatening.

The final component of the logo, and arguably the most important, is the spark within the tiles. This spark represents our curiosity, creativity, and passion. We show up to work every day because we care about what we do, and it’s these characteristics – this spark – that will drive and support us as we work to uncover what tomorrow looks like.

main OCAS logo in vertical format

Request a Logo

Depending on where our logo appears, we have different variations and formats. To request a logo from us, please email us with a description of where you intend to use it, and we will ensure that you have the best logo for the intended space.