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Self-Serve Data & Reporting

Our data your way

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Each year, we process roughly 200,000 domestic applications to Ontario’s public colleges – and with those applications comes a wealth of information on the trends and behaviours of post-secondary learners.

As the go-to source for centralized intelligence on the Ontario college system, powered by the largest repository of college system data in the province, we offer self-serve data and reporting on applicant demographics, college programs, confirmations, enrolment, and more. 


Student Retention

Monitor student retention from college level to program level and explore retention for specific demographic groups.

Geographic Mapping

Follow students from application to enrolment with location reporting and analysis, filterable from region down to postal code.

Report Packages

Track applicants through reports tailored to Ontario high schools and boards.

Easy Online Access

Access self-service data analysis tools through a secure online portal.

Get Started

Where are students applying to college?

How many applicants enrol in college programs?

How many graduate?

Get in touch to find answers to these questions – and many more – in our college system data warehouse.