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We know you're busy, so we've made it easy to find all the resources you need to help your students apply to Ontario colleges, in one place.

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To request access the Partner Portal, visit the Partner Portal Registration & Information page and click the Register button to go to the Partner Portal Registration form. You should only complete this form if you don’t already have access to the Partner Portal.

If you have moved to a new school or board, you will need to re-register for the Partner Portal under your new school / board.

If you wish to deactivate your Partner Portal account, please contact us at

If you already have a Partner Portal account, but don’t remember your username or password, click the Log In button and use the "Forgot your password or username?" link to receive both your username and a temporary password by email.

In order for a student to appear in the Applicant Search results, they must have completed the following steps of the application:

  • Declared they are currently attending your school in the Education section of the application

    I am currently attending this school / institution
  • Indicated they are currently enrolled in a high school course in response to the second Basis for Admission question

    Are you currently enrolled in a High School course?

If a student has not completed these steps, they will not appear in the Applicant Search results.

The grades merge process runs daily at 4 am and 4 pm. When a file is uploaded to the Partner Portal, grades will be merged to their corresponding accounts once this process is complete.

When a grades file is uploaded to the Partner Portal, the system will perform an initial search to determine if there is an applicant who matches the student information in the file.

If the system finds a match, the grades will be merged to the student’s account. If no matching record is found during the initial search, the system will perform another search once the application has been paid.

There are a few common reasons for grades not merge to a student’s account, including if they have:

  • Entered a nickname or preferred name in the First Name field
  • Entered their middle name in the First Name field
  • Selected the wrong date of birth
  • Entered the wrong OEN number on the High School Education page
  • Entered a different Last Name on School Record on the High School Education page than what actually appears on their school record

Encourage your students to enter their personal information (name and date of birth) and their high school education (including their OEN number) correctly when completing their application. If a student enters this information incorrectly, the system will be unable to match their grades to their account.

The File Upload Report will only list students who have errors associated with uploading their grades. The report does not include students whose grades were successfully uploaded.

To learn more about the types of errors that appear on the File Upload Report, review the Glossary of Errors Messages. All errors must be corrected before you can re-submit a file.

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