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Welcome to OCAS

We're the sum of our people


Karen Creditor
President & Chief Executive Officer
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David Hong
Vice-President, Customer & Employee Success
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Marc Provencher
Chief Information Officer
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Eric Johnstone
Chief Financial Officer
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Lisa Frizzell
Director, Stakeholder Engagement
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Lee Manchur
Director, Technology Services
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Shawn Robinson
Director, Software Solutions
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Mike Williamson
Director, Product Experience
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Lucy Batista
Manager, Customer Success Office
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Robb Blacquiere
Manager, Governance, Risk & Compliance
Privacy Officer
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Erin Farrelly
Manager, Contact Centre
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Catherine Fox
Manager, Project Management Office
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Melissa Fritz
Manager, Applied Research
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Tracy Kingsley
Manager, IT Services
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Nadia Novikova
Manager, Data Insights
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Biljana Petresin
Manager, Human Resources
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Alissa Robson
Manager, Marketing & Communications
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Ed de Graaf
Manager, Quality Assurance
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Our Team

We’re developers, graphic designers, customer support specialists, data analysts, writers, knitting enthusiasts, gamers, musicians, runners – you name it.

We care a lot about what we do, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Want to be a part of it?

We’re looking for smart, creative people who can bring their passion for business and technology services to our growing team.

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