OCAS Conference

From Feedback to Feature


From Feedback to Feature dives into the world of OCAS products and services, showcasing the people and processes that go into their creation, development, and ongoing success. Our interactive sessions will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the work we do to delight our partners, while also providing opportunity for you to share the ideas and feedback that will help us continue to improve and evolve. With collaborative sessions hosted exclusively by members of the OCAS team and the all-important networking breaks, there will also be plenty of opportunity to mix, mingle and strengthen the relationships that fuel us in all we do. 

Session Descriptions

Keynote - Shawn Chorney
Shawn is the Vice President, Enrolment Management, Indigenous and Student Services at Canadore College and sits on the OCAS board of directors. Shawn has been a champion for the Hey OCAS! feedback portal and is a proponent of our collaboration and work with our college partners.

Pathways to Apply: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future
See how far “Apply to College” has come with a complete view of OCAS’ application pathways. From domestic to international applicants, explorers to fast-trackers, and more, we’re streamlining the application experience and breaking down barriers between prospective applicants and Ontario’s colleges. And there’s always room for improvement – are we getting the most out of our application processes? What could we be doing better? Let’s start a conversation and help us understand how we can have a greater impact on your prospective students and your college.

Catalogue Management: Looking Under the Hood
Making program catalogue management as simple and efficient as possible is at the top of OCAS’ mind – and at the top of our feature request list from our partners. Get an overview of how the catalogue management process works today, preview the enhancements we’ll be introducing this year, and work with us to explore and create a long-term vision for the future of the program catalogue.

Hey OCAS! 101
Haven’t heard of Hey OCAS! yet? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! This session is designed to help our partners connect with our new feedback portal and discover how you can use it to make your voice heard. Learn how to create an idea in the portal, vote on your favourite ideas, and engage with feedback from other users already in the system. By the end of this session, you’ll be the Hey OCAS! expert at your college and we’ll be one step closer to building out a powerful channel for keeping our products and services thriving.

Incident Management – Outages, Viruses, Shutdowns, Oh My!
Have you ever wondered how OCAS operates and how we ensure we’re delivering effective and valuable service to our college partners and applicants? This interactive, scenario-based session will break down our best practices for implementing proactive procedures that stand up to any hiccups – and hurricanes – we may encounter. Learn how we spot patterns across the organization and apply appropriate escalation processes, and see how our team is adapting to the changing landscape of education and technology to continue to provide the best possible service.

What Does Tomorrow Look Like? Data @ OCAS
Data drives decisions! Learn the ins and outs of the OCAS data teams and tools, and understand how you can access our expertise to help advance the capabilities and initiatives at your college. Get to know the custom data tools, deep-dive reports, and advanced analytics that we can provide to the college system. Then, we’ll turn the tables for an interactive session on the problems that are keeping you up and night, and how we can partner with you to help solve them.

Inside Look: The OCAS Product Process
What goes into creating an OCAS product? How do conversations, emails, bugs, and feedback get captured and brought to life as new features and enhancements? This session will share our “secret sauce” for turning ideas and suggestions into the products and services that add value across the system. We’ll delve into the different vehicles we have for gathering feedback from afar, before opening the room for feedback on the fly on what’s relevant to you and how we can continue to nurture our lines of communication.

Hey OCAS! Hot Topics
What’s happening in the Hey OCAS! Portal? Through team collaboration, we’ll take an in-depth look at the most impactful topics logged to date in the Hey OCAS! Portal. Break down the discussion topics, collaborate with peers, and provide us with even more meaningful insight on the item at hand. You can also take any extra time to pop back into the Hey OCAS! Portal and log any new items that have been on your mind. Focusing on the products and services we have today, share any feedback – big or small - on your experiences, make suggestions for new features, or build on the ideas of others with constructive comments.

Fireside Chat: Bringing It All Together
Join the OCAS executive team for a wrap-up dialogue on the importance of collaboration within the college system and the positive influence feedback and ideas have on our entire team. We’ll share with you how your input and insights advance our technology, business, customer, and corporate services, and open the floor for your thoughts on how we can continue to grow stronger together.